Thursday, January 8, 2009

This necklace is now part of one of my friend´s collection. I made it with silver and resin. The pieces inside the resin are gold metal that I rescued from an encoder reader (some observatories in my country use these type of encoder to measure the position of instruments of a telescope) which I cut and put inside the resin. Under the gold pieces I put some silver pieces to achieve a water effect.


  1. You really surprised me...
    ji ji en español me expreso mejor...
    qué lindo Silvia, has avanzado muchísimo, me encantaron tus piezas. Siento que hay una cosa muy lúdica en tu trabajo. Mis sinceras felicitaciones para ti.

  2. When I saw this beauty I can not stop thinking about that times when i missed you many nights and you in the mountain with the telescopes.
    Now I got you in the eyes of Jorgito our son.